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Microsoft Office 2016

20 October 2015

Whilst Microsoft Windows 10 has received a lot of attention recently in the background Microsoft has been working on a new release of their Office suite, Office 2016. For those of you that have Office 365 subscriptions that include Office it is ready for download now. If you want to install the new version or need help installing it please contact us. For those of you looking to purchase it was released on 22 September 2015. The Mac version of Office 2016 is already available and closely mirrors the capabilities of the PC version yet takes advantage of some of the Macs unique features like multi-touch gestures.

The biggest question we get is should I upgrade. In most cases our answer would be “yes” if you have an Office 365 subscription that includes Office because is free. The software has been in preview mode for some time and we do not believe there will be any major issues following release. There may be some cases where you should not upgrade because you have third party software that is not certified to work with Office 2016 yet. Similarly, if your email is running on an old Exchange server you should not upgrade. If you are not sure do not hesitate to contact us.

So what has changed with the new version? The changes are not ground breaking, but represent the next iteration of Office.

1.       Improved user interface.

2.       Better touch screen usability.

3.       New colour themes. Many people were not happy with the themes introduced in Office 2013.

4.       Introduction of a “Tell Me“ tool to help you find the right command.

5.       Security enhancements to limit what users can do with documents.

6.       Attaching a file in Outlook will now show you recently worked on files.

7.       Better integration with Microsoft Cloud Storage.

Should you wish to know more about Office 2016 please contact Doug on 9882-5000 or


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