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Create your own Intranet simply and easily.

Ever wanted to harness the power of the Internet for all your business information? Ever wanted a simply and easy document management system that not only keeps everything organized but also allows you to quickly and easily locate what you are looking for? Ever wanted a system that can be customized to suit your needs specifically without having to pay for costly development?

The answer to these and all your collaboration needs maybe Sharepoint. Best of all, the basic version of Sharepoint is a FREE download from Microsoft. If you currently use Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 or SBS 2011 then you already have Sharepoint installed just waiting to be used.

 Sharepoint 2010 Screenshot


The secret to effective Sharepoint utlization is planning and experience, both of which you'll find in Saturn Alliance. We have been working with Sharepoint for a number of years now internally and with customers. We have implemented many simply, elegant and effective solutions for customers to solve their business needs. We will work with you to ensure you obtain the most from this fantastic collaboration product.

Some of the key benefits of Sharepoint are :

  1. Document management - create a central place to store all your important business documents. Control who has access to these documents as well having the ability to "check out" documents while they are being worked on.
  2. Greatly reduce complexity - If you can use the Internet then you can use Sharepoint. The product is accessed through a web browser and/or through Microsoft Office. So with Sharepoint you don't need to learn anything new, you just become more productive.
  3. Get notified - You can customize Sharepoint so that when something changes you get notified. This is great in a team environment. Now you'll never miss an opportunity.
  4. Capture business intelligence - Imagine if all the little bits of information floating around your business could be not only captured but stored centrally and easily searched. With Sharepoint you can do all this and much more! Users can also create their own blogs that can be read via standard RSS readers.
  5. Growth beyond the business - Want a way to communicate with your suppliers and customers? You can use Sharepoint as an "Extranet" to extend your business collaboration to your partners outside your business, all done securely and controlled by you.

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